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We are JELLYCircus

JellyCircus is a Welsh web design service from UK Wales, Bridgend.

We offer affordable web design for portfolios, e-commerce, blogs, corporate & Individuals

You need a website, we can make it.


Quality is priority

We understand that coming across as professional is a must, your website is usually one of the first impressions, so you need to make it count!

We Will follow your specification and make sure it is to the highest of standard.



Web Design can be a big expense some just can't afford! However, we will be able to make a package suitable for you without compromising on quality.

Contact us for a quote today!


Contact us for a Quote.


We can buy domains and set them up on your behalf, but you would be responsable for the annual charge of your domain.

We can host your website if it is easier for you, this will be charged annually. You can however use a different hosting provider if you wish.

We give this option to our clients if they need to update the content regularly (News articles, gallery, text areas) – however design parts won’t be available to edit.

We can arrange a meeting face to face if this is something you would prefer, however most interactions will be over email/zoom/whatsapp/skype. Which ever is prefered.

Face to face meetings are subject to distance and may occur a charge.

Yes, and we encourage all customers to purchase maintenance with us. Websites need maintenance to make sure they stay healthy.

Maintenance will also include backups & cheaper development rates.

Strongly Recommended.

We can give advice but SEO isn’t our expertise.

Yes. If you are hosting your website through us we will be able to offer you emails.

Well, how long is a piece of string? It will vary from each client. 

We aim to get the website up and running in the shortest amount of time, but depending on complexability this is a very open question that cant be answered without a detailed specification.

Don't hang about, get your website up and running!

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